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Easier than manual planning.

We streamline your operations, and give your employees easy
tools to do their job and give you insight into your transport.

For your dispatcher

Real-time overview

Keep track of the progress your drivers make throughout the day and get instantly alerted to problems or changes in real-time.

Central information hub

Take the guesswork out of your day-to-day operations. Get better data of your fleets progress and performance.

Automated decisions

Our solution lets your dispatcher focus on tasks that require human attention while our system handles the rest.

Order control

Only have a few drivers at work? Zendera can be used to plan ahead and let you reduce employee office-time.

For your driver

Shared delivery instructions

If your drivers know how to perform a stop, like where to park and how to enter a building, it'll speed them up and let them do more stops per hour. We tell them this upfront.

Update location details

Your drivers are out in the field meeting your customers every day. Make it easy for them to let others know where to park, whom to contact and the type of vehicle needed for a stop.

Driver settlements

Let your drivers see exactly how much they’ve made and how well they’ve done. Easily estimate costs and earnings on all trips before they start.

Track packages

Make it easy for your drivers to track, add and scan packages. 

For your customer

Track & trace

Let your customers know when they can expect their order. Build a customer delivery experience that fits your business and delivery patterns.

Customer habits

All your customers are different and often expect different levels of service. Zendera gives your customers a consistent experience no matter who the driver is that day.

Custom text-messages

80% of customers don't open links in track & trace text messages. Make the information

you give your customers upfront count with our custom messages.

Customer Web

Let your customers easily order transport and additional services online without having to get on the phone with them.

For your company

Return on investment

Our customers see an average 14,3% reduced distance driven, 21,1% increase in utilisation, and 87,6% reduced late arrivals.

New data layer

Find out how much time drivers actually spend on stops or figure out ways to decrease the number of rental trucks. We'll help you act on this info to reduce your costs.

Resilient logistics

All the information your employees carry around in their heads is organised with Zendera, protecting you against employee turnover.

Carbon accounting

Zendera gives all parties full transparency on distance driven and what European Emission Standards your trucks have. Use this to your advantage to win more business.